It's a light week on the PlayStation Network but, thanks to Doki-Doki Universe, it will be a light week full of adorable stick figures, pastels and feel-good moments involving a robot and his quest to understand humanity. That's certainly not something you can say every week.

The holiday launch window rush is officially over, meaning that the vast majority of big, AAA games are already out in the wild and roaming free, not to return again until sometime in 2014. That means that things will be quiet in the gaming department for the next few weeks with Military Shooter XXX 47 giving way to smaller, quieter offerings that are worthy of our attention for their own, just as valid reasons.

One such title heads up this week's latest batch of new games on Sony's The Drop, Doki-Doki Universe.

“From the creators of Toejam & Earls, Doki-Doki Universe features the quirky adventures of QT3 and the memorable characters it meets along the way,” said Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements. “Sometimes life sends a challenge our way and we need to work through it to better ourselves, and those around us. Other times, life sends us an adorable robot who's ready to solve our problems and learn about humanity. With it's friend, Alien Jeff. You know, the usual stuff.”

As reported last week, DDU is a Cross Buy title across the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Buy it on one console and you have access to the game on all three. There will be a “starter pack” available for those who want to try before they buy, giving player access to a bunch of personality quizzes, a couple of the game's campaign levels and the intriguing Doki-Doki mail service. If you like what you see in the starter pack, you can pick up the full game for 15 bucks.

Thee other titles are making their way to PlayStation, each targeted at a decidedly different audience. First up is Mahjong Royals Tower for the PlayStation Vita. You'll have 100 levels of the classic tile matching game to enjoy set across six locations inspired by the game's regal setting.

Next up is a dungeon-crawling RPG for the Vita called Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God, and it's every bit as bizarre as it sounds. You play an adventurer who is trying to save their friend's mom and pop curry restaurant from being taken over by a big box chain and, to do that, you'll need to explore dungeons, battle monsters and gather special ingredients. There's a roguelike element, too, so falling in battle comes at the cost of your level and items.

Finally, Strength of the Sword 3 arrives on the PS3 this week, giving players access to some brawling action spread across 12 stages. There's a bunch of new swords and shields you can discover, as well as a sort of horde mode with four difficulty settings to keep you coming back from more.

Well, that'll about do it for this week on PSN. Look for those new games, as well as your usual dose of demos, game videos and DLC, to hit the PS3, PS4 and Vita as soon as the Network update goes live Tuesday afternoon.

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