Red Thread Games has released a new overview trailer for their PC/Mac/Linux adventure game Dreamfall Chapters. If you haven't played the other two games in The Longest Journey, this video should catch you up on the general premise.

In the Dreamfall Chapters universe, two parallel worlds exist simultaneously. Stark is a futuristic society run by technology and logic. Arcadia is its opposite, a fantasy world where magic is a reality.

The main character of the game is Zoe Castillo. Zoe is a "dreamer," a person who can exist in both Stark and Arcadia. At the start of the game, she's trapped in a dream-like realm called Storytime. However, in time she'll escape and set out on a journey to set things right in both worlds.

Dreamfall Chapters is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Over $1.1 million has been raised by gamers thus far. The campaign will end in less than week, so go donate now if you're interested in picking up some exclusive donor rewards.

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