Shooting dudes free of charge is set to get a bit more interesting as CCP deploys the Uprising 1.7 Update to Dust 514, the free-to-play first-person shooter on the PlayStation 3, offering vehicle tweaks, new weapons and more.

By now, PlayStation gamers have likely grown pretty accustomed to the idea of free-to-play games on their home and portable consoles. The PS3 is home to titles like the above mentioned Dust 514 and DC Universe Online. The PlayStation 4 is all about f2p, offering games like Blatcklight: Retribution, Warframe and War Thunder, with Planetsie 2 and more on the way. Heck, even the PS Vita has a free-to-play title or two.

When it comes to mowing down your enemies gratis on the PS3, though, everyone’s best bet is Dust 514, the shooter that seamlessly melds its world with the computer-based MMO, EVE Online. The results of battles in Dust 514 effect the economy and options of EVE Online and vice versa. Similarly, players in Dust can call on players in EVE to lend a quick hand, activating massive cannons to rain down fire on the world of the shooter. It’s a pretty awesome idea that I hope to see implemented in more games moving ahead.

While Dust might not be the most expansive or polished shooter out there, what’s available is actually a pretty nifty, decidedly intriguing romp. And it’s only getting better, as the developers constantly roll out new updates, tweaks and fixes.

Today’s update is called Uprising 1.7, and it offers up a heaping helping of everything mentioned above. First up are the new weapons, including the Minmatar Combat Rifle and the Caldari Rail Rifle.

“These new rifles round out Dust 514’s first full set of faction-aligned weaponry, opening up new tactical battlefield opportunities for the mercenaries of New Eden,” reads a statement from CCP.

For fans of rolling/flying war machines, today’s update will be of particular interest, as it also overhauls the vehicle system.

“The vehicles of Dust 514 have also been modified with Uprising 1.7 to amplify their role in the terrestrial conflicts of New Eden,” reads the launch statement. “The development team has overhauled the vehicle system for better handling and implemented a new process for streamlining vehicle fitting. This approach lays the foundation for new and exciting vehicle variations planned for the future.”

Also included in today’s update is a new “Volcanic Mood,” which alters in-game battlefields with spewing volcanoes, spraying ash and even debris peppering the landscape, adding to the intensity of battle with some good old fashioned interference from Mother Nature.

Finally, Factional Warfare has been upgraded, too, including more involvement from the EVE community, enhanced rewards for factional contracts and the implementation of friendly fire in order to make the battlefield that much more dangerous.

Check out the game’s official site, get to playing on your PS3 for free, and enjoy the new update.

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