During the Nintendo Direct earlier today Nintendo dropped some more news about Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U. While details were scarce other than Iwata mentioning that the titular character would have a new hairdo and outfit, it was later confirmed that the game would feature a two-player mode and would be available for the Wii U sometime next year, assuming the development team doesn't run into any unforeseen problems.

Gamespot managed to get confirmation on the two-player mode, but any further details beyond that were mum. The entire segment with Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata giving a brief rundown of Bayonetta 2 came across as slightly awkward and a bit empty...maybe because it's being designed as a second party title and is only part of the exclusive wheelhouse of releases because Sega didn't want to fund the game anymore and now it's a forced exclusive because Nintendo picked up the bank tab?

Anyway, Nintendo unleashed two trailers for Bayonetta 2 during their Nintendo Direct conference earlier today, one of which showcased the very overtly brazen heroine doing her trademark spread-legged poses and over-the-top gun-ballet while taking on a nemesis in stylized fashion, while the second trailer was a quick 45 second glimpse at the actual gameplay of Bayonetta 2 running on the Wii U.

The game is shaping up the way most gamers would expect from any Platinum Games' title and we'll find out more as the game draws closer to release, exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U.

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