If you've been awaiting something so powerful that even next-generation software that the public has yet to even see bows to its awesomeness, then you've definitely been awaiting the arrival of the EVGA GeForce 680 GTX.

This new card from Nvidia was the powerhouse that brought the Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4 tech demos to life at this year's Game Developers Conference. No one outside of a select few licensees were able to see the UE4 running on the new card but it appears everyone who seen was impressed. At the time it was being hailed as the Nvidia Keplar, and helped further push Epic and the Unreal Engine into the upper echelon of the game engine stratosphere. In fact, they're so high up I'm thinking Crytek might need to increase their draw distance on the CryEngine 3 to see just how far ahead Epic has taken the Unreal Engine.

Just yesterday VR Zone did an overview and review comparison to AMD's new 7970, which was at the top of the crop up until Nvidia unleashed the 680 GTX. The new GeForce features 1536 CUDA cores, up to 4-way SLI-enabled, 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM, 256 bit memory width, adaptive VSYNC, supports the new SMX Engine and has Direct Computer 5.0 support.

While the base version comes right out of the box at 1ghz clock speeds, the super-clocked addition that EVGA is offering is running at a mystery rate right now. It's hard to even pinpoint exactly how fast they've managed to super-clock the card.

Anyways, you can pick up your very own GeForce 680 GTX for $499.99. For further information on the card feel free to visit the Official EVGA Website.

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