The Final PlayStation Plus update of January is upon us, bringing a free puzzle game for the PlayStation Vita, as well as discounts on just about every game with the words “Final Fantasy” in the title.

It's been a busy first month of 2014 for PlayStation Plus, featuring games like BioShock Infinite and DMC: Devil May Cry for the PlayStation 3 and Don't Starve for the PS4. The Vita gets its turn in the spotlight this week, offering up brain training game Smart As at no additional charge for Plus subscribers.

Sony Sr. Community Specialist Kristine Steimer breaks down this week's offerings over on the PlayStation Blog. She says that Smart As is all about sharpening your mental acuity and, just for good measure, seeing how you compare to your pals.

“If you've ever wondered how your intelligence stacks up against your friends and other people around the world, Smart As will give you a pretty good idea when it joins the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection...,” Steimer said. “Just prepare yourself...The results might not be pretty at first.”

But, as Steimer goes on to explain, that's all part of the process. You might not do so well at first but, practicing in short bursts ever day, your mind should get sharper and sharper. Like any muscle in the body, it needs a good workout, and Smart As is here to be your personal trainer.

The Vita Play Sale also kicks gets rolling this week with Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z marked down to $31.99 for Plus subscribers. For full details on how the sale works, be sure to check out our post from last week.

A couple of other side discounts are also being offered this week. A Curve Studios Mega Bundle is being made available for $13.49, though we have no idea which games, exactly, are included in said bundle. Ethan Meteor Hunter is also available this week, arriving with a 50 percent off discount for Plus Members at just $4.89.

Finally, there's that Final Fantasy sale I was talking about earlier. The good news for non-Plus subscribers is that a whole bunch of FF games are being discounted by as much as 50 percent for everyone on PlayStation Network. Sadly, the additional Plus savings aren't much to get excited about, though I suppose savings are savings no matter how you look at. For Plus members, you can expect to take off an additional $0.50 to a dollar, depending on the title. These include games like Final Fantasy IX for sale at $5.99 or $5.39 with Plus, or FF XIII-2 for $9.99 on sale and $8.99 with Plus.

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