The micro console revolution continues late next month as the GameStick global retail launch date is confirmed for Oct. 29, just in time to scare up some gaming fun come Halloween for $79.99.

Perhaps calling this micro console business a “revolution” isn't quite appropriate just yet. After all, only the hugely successful Kickstarter project, Ouya, has made it to market just yet, and its post-launch performance has been decidedly less epic than its run on the crowd-funding website. The Ouya “launched” several months ago but, to this day, they haven't made an appearance at any of their planned retail locations. You can order one of the micro consoles from the developer's website, but it doesn't seem like too many folks are busting down the virtual doors to pick up an Ouya of their own. Worse, it sounds like the sale of games on the Ouya hasn't been too stellar.

But that doesn't mean it's too late to right the Good Ship Ouya, and it's certainly too early to assume that the micro console movement is just a flash in the pan. Rumors are circulating that Google has its own Android-based console in the works and, earlier this week, Sony announced its own micro console of sorts, the Vita TV, which will play the majority of Vita games, stream PS4 content and apps and more, all for around $100.

And then, of course, there's the GameStick, which we now know is coming out in late October. Another crowd-funded darling, the GameStick features a unique controller with the console built right in; a pop-out drive that can be plugged directly into any TV's HDMI port. It's a slick little design and, unlike the Ouya, seems geared at making console gaming mobile. The Ouya is super tiny, but its console is still separate of its controller. Not to mention that said controller is pretty huge. The GameStick, on the other hand, is the size of a large wallet and can easily be thrown into your pocket to bring your gaming on the go.

Along with being able to order the GameStick directly from the developer, the tiny console is planned to ship from Amazon, as well as be available at GameStop in North America and GAME over in Europe. According to a statement from the folks in the know, GameStick should appear at additional, unnamed, outlets in Canada, Europe and the Middle East by the end of the year.

That same statement goes on to mention that the GameStick launch date has thus far been pushed back twice already in order to meet “stringent QA targets and ensure its Kickstarter backers were the first to take delivery of the product before it hits the shelves.” Originally due out this past June, it looks like October 29 is the new date we can expect to finally see the GameStick in the wild. As for the delays, I've always preferred a developer take their time and get a product right the first time than deal with months upon months of frustration and broken hearts. Here's hoping the extra time was enough to make GameStick truly special.

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