Nintendo has just been on a rampage of good deeds lately: helping overweight kids lose weight, putting exercise into the daily gaming regime, and giving stay-at-home moms a fun exercising alternative, among other things. But now a new company specializing in virtual reality alternatives for physical therapy treatment is emerging with some bright new ideas.

TheGameReview’s Stew Shearer wrote a fascinating piece about game technology being used in medical practices to help patients. While this topic is nothing new, it was interesting to note that a company called Therapy Trainer, run by Lisa Daily, her husband and her sister, provides patients with a unique new way to recover from wounds and physically debilitating experiences.

Lisa Daily in the interview told Shearer that… “We saw a lot of TV shows that talked about the struggles that these guys were having when they came home and a lot of it had to do with having affordable physical therapy equipment that they could use.” She went on to say, “They were having trouble getting that; most of them are rural they don’t have access to the large physical therapy facilities they were using in the hospital. They were having a lot of isolation problems. So kind of took all these factors and put them together to try and come up with some things to make a difference.”

One of those things to make a difference include a fitness bike that users can plug into and play on their computer. The equipment and software retails for $350. That’s not too bad considering that it’s a heck of lot cheaper than paying a fitness trainer or for fitness equipment that aim for a similar experience.

“By being able to plug that physical therapy equipment into a computer and interact with a video game it takes your mind off the pain. They can exercise longer and think less about how much it’s hurting.” Says Daily.

Well, Jack Thompson, you can take this as an official ‘screw you’ for not doing your part in at least helping people recognize the benefits of interactive gaming that people like Lisa Daily is offering. Maybe people would be more inclined to join the crusade against gaming violence if Thompson spent more energy helping people realize the opposite end of the spectrum: video games can help heal.

Unfortunately, this kind of news, while helpful, will probably be overlooked for something more sensational. But at least it’s out there.

You can check out the entire article at TheGameReviews or visit the Official Website for more information. And be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news and information on all things gaming.

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