Looking for a game where you take big rigs and smash them into things and then blow stuff up after smashing into them? Well, you're thinking about a game like GearGrinder, an arcade-style shooter that mirrors a little bit of Michael Bay's Transformers with Twisted Metal and it's on Steam's Greenlight right now.

Headup Games' action-racer looks like a ton of fun. It seemed like a game we may have covered here before but I'm not seeing it in our database. Anyway, this is a real gem that totally deserves a bit of loving on Steam's Greenlight. You can check out a trailer for GearGrinder below.

The transformations between turbo boosts and using weapons is pretty rad. The destructible environments also add a huge incentive to explore and drive off the beaten path. What's more is that the game has multiplayer support (including LAN play) for up to eight players. So you and your friends will be able to get involved with some intense, multiplayer semi-action, especially if the game gets green-lit with Steamworks support.

GearGrinder is awaiting upvotes right now on Valve's Greenlight service on Steam. If you think the game deserves to be made available on the Steam store with integrated support for the digital distribution service, be sure to pay a visit to the official Greenlight page.

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