Update: It seems that the new game isn't God of War 4, but an interquel called God of War: Ascension. The trailer and box art can be found here.

The inevitable fourth installment in the God of War series might be announced on Thursday. Sony has released an interesting teaser image that suggests they're going to unveil a new game.

The image, posted on both the PlayStation Facebook page and official PlayStation website, asks the following question: "Will Vengeance Bring Redemption?" It then lists a date: April 19th, 2012.

The word "vengeance" definitely makes me think of God of War. The previous GoW games were essentially about Ares and Zeus screwing over Kratos and then Kratos hate-fucking the entirety of Greek mythology. Even if they switch protagonists for God of War 4, I doubt the game's going to break from the established "pissed-off rampage through antiquity" tone they've established.

If you want slightly more compelling evidence that a GoW4 announcement is imminent, note the filename of the teaser image. A NeoGAF user pointed out that the image is called "ps_gow-teaser" on the PlayStation website. Maybe Sony's dreamed up another franchise with the initials GoW but it seems unlikely.

Fortunately, we'll only have to wait until tomorrow to find out what Sony's announcement will be. It's not enough time to fill the Internet with crazy, crazy speculation. However, there is enough time to watch that absurdly fake GoW4 trailer from March.

If Sony does indeed announce GoW4, the game will presumably launch this fall. A rumor from this time last year speculated that the game would be released in September 2012.

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