God of War: Ascension will be launching worldwide next week and Sony is trying to scrounge up some last-minute pre-orders. They've released a trailer showing off the Mythological Heroes Pack that participating retailers are giving to pre-order customers.

The Mythological Heroes Pack provides players with four sets of armor for Ascension's multiplayer. Each set of armor is based on a different hero from Greek mythology. You can dress up like Perseus, Orion, Odysseus or Achilles - or rather, dress up like Sony Santa Monica's depiction of the heroes.

The Heroes DLC is available regardless of whether you pre-order the standard or collector's edition of the game. Depending on what retailer you purchase the game through, you can get additional DLC as well. For example, GameStop provides you with a Leonidas multiplayer skin.

Ascension will launch on March 12th exclusively on the PS3.

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