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After about a month of weekly PlayStation Network updates overflowing with content, it looks like PSN is taking something of a breather this week, offering a lighter lineup featuring a pair of old school titles and a couple of demos including God of War: Ascension.

Perhaps still exhausted from last week’s big PlayStation 4 reveal and the subsequent posts, updates and media blowouts, the PlayStation Network is taking it nice and easy this week, offering only a handful of new (Or old, really) games to keep everyone busy. Considering how many big releases we’ve seen over the past several weeks, I think we can forgive a shorter release roster this week.

The only new PlayStation 3 game being added this week is Mud Fim Motocross: World Championship, offering all of the thrills, chills and spills of professional motocross racing.

A pair of new titles are also being added to the Classics collection, beginning with Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. While a physical copy of this second offering in the Persona series is extremely hard to come by and, even then, extremely expensive to purchase, now gamers everywhere can experience the PSOne’s Persona 2 without having to sell a kidney to afford it. For those of you who have recently gone gaga over Persona 4 on the Vita, now is your chance to explore the series’ roots in another dungeon-crawling RPG masterpiece.

This week’s other PlayStaiton Classic is the PS2’s Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure…I’m just going to assume that this particular game needs no further explanation and move onto the demos.

While Vita owners will be able to take Knytt Underground for a test drive this week, the biggest draw is easily a chance to take on the God of War: Ascension demo, Prisoner of the Damned. And you just know it’s gotta be good, because they took the time to actually give the demo a name. Who does that? Other than Square Enix, I mean.

For more details, drop by the PlayStation blog. Otherwise, look for this content to join the usual collection of DLC, videos, etc. when the PlayStation Network updates tomorrow afternoon.