Some new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V features some of the game's vehicles doing what vehicles do best, including racing around corners, racing down runways and flying carriers over the thick rolling hills of Los Santos.

Gameranx managed to compile the screenshots and showcase to gamers a few of the more intimate close-ups of vehicles you may not have noticed or spotted before, including the carrier copter that you only briefly saw during one of the original GTA V trailers.

As noted on Gameranx, many of the screenshots come from various dedicated fan sites for GTA, and it looks like Rockstar was kind enough to purposefully leak out tidbits of screens to various outlets for that extra bit of titillation and intrigue.

The runway chase in what looks like Rockstar's own take on the Bugatti Veyron seems interesting... I wonder if it's part of a mission or just the player gunning to outrun the cops? As you can see on the far left side of the image, there is a police car flipping and flying in the air either because it hit a bump and flipped over or because the plane rolled it over in an attempt to get away.

Of course, there are also some typical shots of stuff we're all well aware of, including the ATV, the blue Cognoscenti that Michael is standing in front of and the blue and white Banshee racing down the street in an obvious side-mission road race. Speaking of the Banshee, you can win a real-life version of the car (which is obviously based on a mix of the Corvette and Dodge Viper) by clicking right here on this link.

As for the rest of the screenshots, we get to see Trevor punching out a window (ouch) and Trevor riding a Freeway on the highway. That final picture with the helicopter spotting that Infernus taking that sharp corner up that hillside toward the Vinewood brings back memories of Need for Speed: Black and Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. Speaking of drifting... I wonder if you can tune cars to drift in GTA V or will PC modders just have to wait to get their hands on the game and add it in themselves like they did with GTA IV? I guess we'll find out next week.

You can look for GTA V to launch first for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 beginning next week, and we'll keep you posted on when the next-gen and PC renditions of the game will become available... because obviously, those are the definitive versions of the game.

Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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