Hailed as a clone of Ace of Spades, which in turn was hailed as a clone of Minecraft, Guncraft is officially headed for release on Steam starting August 9th. The game is basically a fusion of Battlefield and Minecraft and it's kind of awesome.

As noted in the press release...
Marrying the addictive nature of block building sandbox games with the speed and competition of modern first-person shooters, Guncraft features gameplay that is instantly intuitive and addicting. Players can create arenas and levels based on anything they can think of, and once complete, utilize these stages for addictive fast-paced shooting action.

The game sports a ton of neat features. I never really had the proper time to invest into the game the way I wanted, and when I did a few deathmatch rounds I was unmercifully pitted against some unsavory Call of Duty types who could 360 no-scope while parachuting out of a building, and guys who could split your noggin with a shovel before you had time to place your hand over the W,A,S,D, keys. It was brutal.

The thing is, when you go into Guncraft you have to recognize that the is very much a competitive shooter and that despite it's Minecrafty look, it's about as competitive as Battlefield or Call of Duty when it comes to twitch skills and shooting mechanics.

The real highlight of Guncraft, however, is in the actual crafting. You can build fortifications, buildings, maps, turrets, and all sorts of other things – it's essentially the same as Minecraft but with a lot of death and carnage tossed in.

Also, there are vehicles, such as helicopters and drop ships that allow players to tactically dominate the map.

In addition to the standard fare crafting and shooting, the game also features some crazy game modes such as Lava Survival and Meteor Survival, where lava fills up the map and the last player surviving wins. Onslaught Mode is a survival horde mode where four players take on endless waves of killer drones as well as additional modes, weapons and maps available and provided by the community editing tools.

And... in addition to all of this, there is a brand new race mode tossed, ala Garry's Mod's SCARS, where you and your friends can race around custom tracks. This mode was briefly showcased in the Guncraft video featuring a Mario Kart track and go-karts, which you can check out below.

Steam Trading Cards, Leaderboards, Achievements and support will be available on the August 9th release. You'll be able to pick up a digital copy of Guncraft for only $14.99. Not a bad price at all.

If you need to learn more about the game feel free to pay a visit to the game's official website.

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