If you opted into the Hearthstone closed beta, make sure you're checking your Battle.net account's email address. Blizzard is sending out waves of new invites to both North America and Europe.

Blizzard has been sending new keys on a near-daily basis. The exact criteria for being selected is unclear, though >Blizzard confirmed that it doesn't matter how long you've opted in. Their ultimate goal is to invite everyone who expressed interest in the closed beta before they begin the open beta.

If you're still waiting for your beta key, you should check your Battle.net account settings. Blizzard says that there was a bug with the beta opt-in for accounts without other games attached. These users were opting into the Hearthstone beta but that setting wasn't being saved by the system.

Blizzard added: "If you have been opted in for a while, have not yet received an invite, and were not impacted by the issue described above, we strongly recommend that you check your junk and spam folders as well as your Promotions tab (for Gmail users). Hearthstone beta invite emails have a tendency to end up in one of those locations."

Hearthstone is a free-to-play online card game. Players choose one of nine heroes from Warcraft lore with differing ability, weapon and minion cards. Each character is based off a World of Warcraft class. For example, Gul'dan is a warlock who can summon scores of demons and damage himself to get an edge in battle. Uther, a paladin, can heal himself or strengthen his minions.

Once you've assembled a deck, you can face off against either A.I. or human opponents. Gold earned from victories can be spent on packs of new cards. Alternately, you can spend real-world money. Players who choose to spend cash in the beta will receive an exclusive card.

The open beta is expected later this month. Player progress won't be wiped again so you'll be able to keep whatever cards you have in the closed beta.

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