Factory Games has taken a bold step in an odd direction, announcing that their puzzle action title is now available and that by buying it you'll be supporting gay marriage.

According to the press release, Andrew Littlefield, Co-Founder and CEO of Factory Games commented, saying…
“With Valet Hustle, we set out to not only create a game that is an absolute blast to play with incredible visuals and top notch audio, but we also wanted to make a social statement that gays and lesbians should have the same marital rights as heterosexuals,”

The actual gameplay is rarely discussed in the press release, with only mentions of Diner Dash meets Tetris popping up every so often. For some odd reason, though, unlike the former two games, Valet Hustle enforces gamers to know that either the male or female protagonist is a homosexual. I have no idea what it really has to do with the puzzle-style gameplay or why it would be important to know, but…somehow it is.

Lulu Magdangal, story development consultant on Valet Hustle, stated in the press release that…
“It’s cool to have been involved in the creation of Ren and Akira, two characters who triumph over prejudice by simply being themselves,” … “I can only hope that Valet Hustle is the start of a trend and more game companies embrace both the gay and lesbian communities.”

Well, truth be told…I don’t think there could be any prejudice unless Ren and Akira was shouting out to everyone they were gay. Otherwise, how would anyone know? Anyway, the game is currently available for the iPhone for only $0.99. For more information on Valet Hustle be sure to visit the Official Website.

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