SPIL Games and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that the inFamous mini-game (yes, a mini-game not the full 3D, kick-butt one on the PS3) based on the upcoming third-person action game, is now available through multiple SPIL Games web-portals.

According to the press release, “inFAMOUS, will debut exclusively on SPIL GAMES online casual game portals from May 22-29. Playable directly in the browser window on both PC and Mac computers, the mini-game will showcase the action-adventure gameplay style featured in the hotly anticipated inFAMOUS PLAYSTATION 3 game”

The mini-game features 2D, side-scrolling action. Players will take control of the protagonist, Cole, as he navigates his way to a power generator located on the roof of an abandoned precinct house in Empire City. Seem simple enough? Possibly. Iconic villains from the PS3 game will make an appearance in the mini-game, providing players with some intense action and means to which to use Cole’s electrical super-powers.

In addition to the classic side-scrolling action and platforming, the inFamous mini-game will also feature a morality gauge that measures the player’s decisions. This is a miniature version of a similar feature in the full game, in which case players will be judged as a hero or a villain based on the moral decisions they make to save or doom Empire City.

The mini-game is free-to-play and currently available at a few of the following free game portals: www.Agame.com

And in case you forgot, the mini-game is free-to-play. Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for our upcoming review of the game and more updates, news and info regarding the latest gaming titles.

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