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All the announcements of upcoming games at E3 have everyone thinking about the holiday season or next year. Don't lose sight of the fact that games are coming out right now, though. For example, super hero adventure inFamous 2 was released in North America today.

inFamous 2 sees Cole McGrath traveling to the city of New Marais. He needs to acquire new powers in order to fight the Beast, an evil being that nearly killed him in a battle in Empire City. While in New Marais, Cole will confront the Shadowy Militia and also confront the savage mutants known as the Corrupted. In addition to growing stronger, Cole will learn more about himself and his powers during this adventure.

To extend your gameplay experience, Sucker Punch Productions included a mission editor. The editor allows you to build your own adventure using props, characters, and creatures from the full game. You can then share your creations online.

New copies of inFamous 2 will come with a voucher for Uncharted 3's multiplayer beta. The beta kicks off on June 28th

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