Cyborg is far from the most popular DC superhero around, but he might be a popular choice among Infinite Crisis players. His first gameplay footage shows that he has can really punish the other team.

His primary role in battle is dealing damage from a distance. Every fourth shot from his arm-gun has bonus damage. His plasma cannon ability allows him to zap all enemies in front of him while also boosting the strength and range for his normal attacks.

The key to playing Cyborg well is using his Tracer Shot effectively. This ability puts a debuff on targets to increase the chance of scoring critical hits on them. It also boosts the effectiveness of his other abilities. For example, his movement/attack speed buff Cascade will increase in duration as he attacks enemies afflicted with the debuff. Targets with this debuff will also be slowed twice as much as usual when struck by his Charged Burst attack.

On paper, he sounds like he'd be a real hellraiser in battle. Still, his strength will ultimately depend on the actual numbers behind his abilities. Depending on the actual balancing of the game, he might be better or worse than other damage-dealers like Green Lantern and Gaslight Batman.

To participate in Infinite Crisis's closed beta, sign up at the official website.

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