What a predictable fight between Green Lantern and Superman. All the while I was rooting for Green Lantern but it was pretty obvious based on fan votes who would come out the victor. However, the real surprise is the showdown between Batman and The Flash. By all accounts it's a match that defies any form of logic and goes full fanboy.

The sad part about fan voting is that whoever is most popular will win. I'm going to go on and call the next fight and say that Batman versus Superman will see Batman coming out the victor...it just seems so obvious.

Technically it should have come down between Superman and Wonder Woman or Superman and The Flash. But magically, Batman managed to beat Flash and Wonder Woman...I don't even know how he would technically beat the Flash, but that's just how it goes in the world of fanboyism.

You can create your own tournaments and right the wrongs of fan voting by playing as your favorite hero or villain in Injustice: Gods Among Us when the game launches this month for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 along with a DLC season pass. For more information on the game feel free to pay a visit to the Official Injustice Website.

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