The Last of Us certainly looks like an amazing game, making the wait for its “sometime in 2013” release that much harder to bear. Thankfully, Naughty Dog is providing a steady i.v. drip of content to keep third-person adventure game fans sated in the meantime, including this latest gameplay clip from PAX Prime.

In The Last of Us, mankind has been dang-near wiped out by a mutated fungus, which turns normal humans into rage-filled, zombie-esque monstrosities. Along with these chomp-happy antagonists, the few survivors that wander the wasteland of a fallen society have to watch their backs around one another, too. Mankind is in a desperate struggle for survival, and there’s no telling what someone might be willing to do if they think you’re either standing in their way or have something they might want. In an odd sort of way, uninfected humans with the ability to think and deceive one another might be the ultimate monsters in The Last of Us.

What follows is about 16 minutes of gameplay from the game, originally shown off behind closed doors at E3 and later shown to the masses at PAX. The scene will look familiar to anyone who has been following the game, as it is the same piece of content shown off during the Sony E3 press conference. The purpose of this new video is to highlight how little of that presentation was scripted, as well as demonstrate how the world of the game evolves based on the player’s actions. The interactions, combat decisions and approach are all different from what the world got to see at E3 originally, making The Last of Us look like a wonderfully dynamic trip into the apocalypse.

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