Paradox Interactive really went for the hoops with Leviathan Warships. The low-budget naval strategy game managed to become somewhat of an uncouth success thanks to the risky but rewarding marketing involving the jazzy voice of the Jazzy Boatman.

Instead of being just another generic strategy title where players blast through the campaign or go head-to-head with other players in the multiplayer bouts with straight-through naval diligence, Paradox Interactive decided to switch things up by incorporating commentary from the Jazzy Boatman.

As noted on Blues, the Boatman will use his “silky smooth” vocal skills and mood-soothing commentary talents to keep the action fresh and rolling during multiplayer bouts.

The free patch adds a number of fixes while also adding the addition of optional commentary that players can switch on and off as they see fit. I don't know who would possibly download this game and not turn the commentary on? I mean, it just adds all sorts of epicness to this little niche title.

You can check out the full patch notes for Leviathan Warships by paying a visit to the official website. The game is available right now for only $9.99, so the risk for the price of entry is rather low.

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