Deep Silver’s point-and-click adventure game with a fairly deep rooted story set in the mid 1930s Tibet just received a playable demo. PC gamers interested in the new adventure game can get in a full level of interactive entertainment with the new PC demo.

According to the press release, the demo barrels in at the used-to-be-large 1gig mark. So yeah, for most people that’s about an hour or so worth of downloading. Unless, of course, you’re jammed back with that thieving corporation known as AOL where they make you pay ridiculous amounts of money each month for a measly 56k dial-up connection. Pfft, I would dump them if I were you.

Anyway, you can follow Fenton Paddock for a short while in the demo as he seeks to uncover hidden artifacts and retrieve them before some evil Nazis get their hands on them *cough*Raiders of the Lost Ark*cough*. For more info on the game or the link to download the demo, feel free to head on over to the Official Website

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