Deep Silver sent out word today that their upcoming action packed, point-and-click adventure game, Lost Horizon, will be available for digital download starting September 24th.

The game sees players taking on the role of a former soldier who turns into an adventuring smuggler…it’s like Han Solo meets Indiana Jones. Anyway, the story takes place in 1930s Tibet and sees the main protagonist, Fenton, trying to fend off Nazis from tracking down powerful occult weapons while unraveling the mystery surrounding the weapons.

Geoff Mulligan, Chief Operating Officer at Deep Silver, commented about the game’s release date, saying...
“Quality point and click adventure games are hard to come by, but there’s a massive fan base out there, eager to experience a game featuring an enthralling plot and stunning hand-painted artwork. For those gamers and for gamers looking to find out what adventure games are really about, Lost Horizon is a must-have.”

The game definitely sounds interesting and has an entertaining visual appeal to its art-style. Of course, looks are just looks and gamers will actually have to give the game a little hands-on to actually tell if it’s worth buying…alternatively, you could just wait for a review.

Anyway, if you need more info on Lost Horizon head on over to the Official Website. The game, as stated in the very first paragraph, will be available at major digital distributors once September 24th rolls around.

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