Leading up to its January 4th launch next week for the Nintendo Wii, Hudson Entertainment has live demos available for their unique new platform title, Lost in Shadow. The game’s demo can be played at participating Best Buy stores where gamers can test out the platforming and gameplay mechanics before jumping right into a purchase. It also makes a lot of sense having the demo available at a store where people are more likely to buy the game, too.

For those of you who don’t know, Lost In Shadow is a side-scrolling platform game designed in likeness of past sleeper hits such as Heart of Darkness, Out of this World or recent indie titles like Limbo. Players will control the shadow of a young boy who had his shadow torn from his body. The objective is to stop an evil dude, get your body back and save the world.

Need to learn more about this game? Well, check it out over at your local Best Buy or visit the Official Website.

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