It’s a little known fact that wizards enjoy some sporting competition as much as the next guy. It is with that fact in mind that Paradox Interactive has officially launched the “WOOT” DLC pack for Magicka, adding all sorts of new content to allow spell-casters the opportunity to go one on one in a number of events.

Keep in mind that Magicka is a multiplayer strategy adventure game overflowing with monsters and explosive spells (that are occasionally more dangerous to your allies than your enemies), so don’t expect WOOT to be some sort of kid-friendly Triwizard Tournament. Paradox plays for keeps, which means all of the WOOT events will put players’ survival and casting skills to the ultimate test.

The Magicka wizarding competition is only held once every few centuries in the land of Midgard, giving the ordeal something of an olypic-esque feel. Only, instead of jumping hurdles and flipping across the mat, WOOT players will be slaying beasties and avoiding treacherous pits. The DLC features four new PvP maps, three new Challenge maps, 10 new Sporting Goods items like the dumbbell and Elevennis Racket, new “Athletic Techniques” magick and all sorts of creatures to obliterate.

And the best part? The Magicka WOOT DLC is 100 percent free. The bester part? If you already own the game, it’ll automatically update itself. The only way this could be better is if playing the game actually granted you magic powers…A boy can dream.

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