Call of Duty: Ghosts aims to set a brand new precedent in storytelling by using a dog to help bring the realism and action to life. Gamers will have a never-before-seen emotional connection with Riley the-dog-that-has-to-die-to-win-an-award, and it actually came from the Modern K-9 Warfare mode in Rise of the Triad.

In Call of Duty: Ghosts Riley the dog is one of the main characters that has to save the falling nation of the United States from falling to foreign powers. I kid you not, the fate of the nation rests in the paws of a brave quadrupedal K-9 and his team of merry freedom fighters. You can check out the footage of the ridiculousness featuring Riley right here.

Unlike Call of Duty: Ghosts, however, the K-9 mode in Rise of the Triad doesn't build up a dog personality that will eventually get killed off, because in RotT you are the dog! Woof, woof, mofo... woof, woof.

The dog mode actually comes from the original Rise of the Triad and is simply making a return. The mode isn't aimed at trying to win any awards (at least as far as that trailer goes) and instead the whole thing is designed to be fun and ridiculous in an over-the-top way... two things that it looks like Interceptor Entertainment managed to accomplish in spades.

Also, unlike some previous videos for Rise of the Triad, there is no display of noobosity... it's all straight hardcore and legit, obviously played by someone who drinks l33t juice and pisses awesome. Thank goodness.

If you're one of the members of the PC Master Race who also drinks l33t juice and wants to relish in the savory aroma of skill-based shooting that rewards players with lightning quick reflexes and the ability to nab nuclear-sized headshots while catapulting across a stage at 200mph, then Rise of the Triad is right up your alley. It's basically the evolution of what Unreal Tournament should have been had it not become the little ho of Gears of War.

Anyway, if you like stuff like dog mode and blasting people to smithereens with super over-powered weapons, mod support, fast-paced shooting mechanics, skill-based deathmatch rounds, a single-player mode with various tricks and traps and enough kick-butt gameplay options to make the phrase “replay value” feel like an understatement, then feel free to check out more of Rise of the Triad over on the official website.

The game is set to release for the PC Master Race beginning July 31st, later this week.

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