Moonlight Online may as well have been called Twilight Online for young-girl fan appeal, but this upcoming MMO from IGG has a lot more going for it than what many gamers might think. Developed internally at IGG Studios and running on state-of-the-art game engines, Moonlight Online promises to be an expansive , community and PvP driven game with parkour and acrobatic combat laying at the center of its design. In some regards, it’s being described as Dark Eden meets Assassin’s Creed.

The news, however, is not about what the game will be about or what features it will have but instead it’s about the progress of the game. While it’s been in development for the past three years, IGG is finally unveiling some more concept art on this big budget title and I’m slowly starting feel very impressed by the MMO publisher’s project.

As stated in the press release…
With its realistic 24-hour timekeeping system, strategic empire building and property management, ancient racial feuds and genocidal raids, plus plenty of NPCs to interact with or destroy, Moonlight Online promises extremely dynamic gameplay that will appeal to a wide range of gaming preferences.

Of course, concepts and bullet points look fine and dandy on a piece of paper but it’s the execution that separates classics from stinkers. In due time (and with a few ample game trailers) we’ll readily see if Moonlight Online can hold a candle to some of the stiff MMO competition currently on the market and games coming out (i.e., Firefall and Guild Wars 2).

You can keep up to date on the development progress of Moonlight Online by visiting the Official Website.

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