With a name like Moonlight Online and with continuous comparisons (and similarities) to Twilight (the movie series), it’s easy as a hardcore gamer to completely go “pfft”, throw up a little in your mouth and then ignore this upcoming MMO. However, IGG’s announcement that the battle system would be in realtime, that the environment was designed for free-running/parkour, and that it would be using the latest in DirectX technology, kind of put the game on a whole other level of expectations…especially with the parkour.

Well, this vampire vs human vs werewolf PvP-based MMO has another awesome feature added to the list: Soul Clerics. Players can imbue a soul into their weapon and level up the soul to increase damage, MP, etc., what’s more is that a soul can be transferred into a new weapon when the time comes.

This kind of feature enables players to level up a weapon that they may find to be cool and keep it a lot longer than usual. As most veteran RPG players know, you rarely keep a weapon for long as you continuously level-up, but with this feature if you decide to keep the weapon longer than usual, you can, and you’ll be rewarded for it so long as the soul within the weapon continues to level-up.

I can now say that I’m genuinely excited about Moonlight Online. While the name sounds lame and the premise borrows from Twilight, I actually can’t wait to see what the parkour-style fights on top of rooftops look like and I’m really curious to see how the mechanics will play out. And if this game has guns, I might already label myself as an instant addict.

You can learn more about Moonlight Online, IGG’s in-house developed, next-gen MMO by visiting the Official Website.

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