[Update: Geimaku has confirmed with Square Enix that a PS4 version is in the works]

Original article:
It looks like Microsoft is trying to avoid the Nintendo-syndrome. The company's big black box hasn't been on the receiving end of as many third-party and indie multiplatform titles as the PS4, but Square Enix is hoping to change that around a bit.

It's been announced by the developers, Airtight Games, that the third-person mystery-thriller, Murdered: Soul Suspect, will indeed launch on the Xbox One, along with the other consoles.

OnlySP picked up the news from a tweet coming out of the digital mouth hole of the official Murdered Twitter account, where they excitedly typed out the following...

Microsoft was down but they're not out. After taking a few hits like a redheaded stepchild living out in the boondocks, the company has finally started getting their act together, putting out the Xbox One on the street corner for some good third-party support like a high quality escort instead of a green-dumpster alley-sucker.

That's playing the game right proper.

Oddly enough, there was no mention of a PS4 version, but OnlySP suspects that the announcement will arrive very soon. There's really no way to tell that it is, but Airtight would likely want to port the game to the fast-selling PS4 if they're just as likely to put it on the Xbox One. That's assuming Microsoft didn't dip into their own pockets to whip out some sweet cash to get some eighth-gen exclusive loving. I mean, again... that's how the game is played.

Also, the Xbox One reveal trailer on the official Xbox YouTube account seems to suggest that it may lead further to the side of the green brand than the blue brand.

We'll keep you posted if Airtight or Square Enix decides to announce their interesting looking mystery-thriller for the PS4. Until then, it looks like it will be coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One. This could spell some good marketing momentum for the Xbox One if it turns out that it's not coming to Sony's latest console.

For a while I was beginning to think Microsoft was going to take the fight lying down like Urijah Faber at UFC 169. Yawn fest for the ages.

Let's just hope the game is 1080p at 60fps, otherwise there will be a ton of gamers less than thrilled about their $500 console playing the game at 720p and 30fps.

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