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Michael Mendheim, the creator and lead designer of Mutant League Football, wants to make a spiritual successor to the violent gridiron game. He's launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new project, called Mutant Football League.

Mutant League Football, originally released on Genesis back in 1993, put a sci-fi/fantasy twist on the popular sport. The league's players were skeletons, trolls, aliens and other monsters. The playing field was littered with hazards like landmines and fire pits. Additionally, teams could cheat with gadgets like exploding balls or jet packs. Players can win by either outscoring their opponent or killing enough of their players.

The game spawned a sequel, Mutant League Hockey, as well as an animated TV show and PSP port. Since then, though, the series has been dormant. There hasn't been a lack of demand for a new game in the series, though. I've been talking about a sequel for years.

"Over the last twenty years the press and fans of the original game (and the animated TV show) have kept the idea alive through online surveys, blogs, reviews and articles," says the Kickstarter page for Mutant Football League. "Mutant League is always on the top 10 list of games people would like to see remade and for years fans and members of the gaming press have been asking me when the game will be resurrected."

"While it would have been terrific to work with some of the talented individuals that are still at EA, I must say that we’re looking forward to having full creative control over a NEW storyline, characters and environments so that players can enjoy the absurdly grotesque, tongue-through-cheek, monster-and-mutant, gameplay experience that we want to make."

It sounds like the development team is trying to replicate the Mutant League experience in full. You'll have to out-coach your opponent while also preventing your star players from being killed by field hazards or the other team. The level of violence will be adjustable to accommodate a wide range of ages. The game will offer a full season mode and playoffs in addition to exhibition games.

The developers are currently planning to release MFL on iOS and Android. However, they'll add more platforms as they pass their initial fundraising goal of $750,000. PC, Mac and Linux versions will be developed if they get an additional $500,000. Xbox One and PS4 development are the $2 million and $3 million goals, respectively.

Mutant Football League is expected to arrive in 14 to 18 months. That could change depending on the stretch goals they meet, though. Kickstarter success story Shadowrun Returns was delayed several months so that developers could implement bonus features funded by their campaign.