The next step in the evolutionary line of top-end graphics processing units will arrive in the form of Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 780 and GTX 770, both of which are set for release at the end of this month. The GTX 780 will also carry a price point similar to that of the highly praised and revered GTX Titan.

As noted on Fudzilla [via WCCF Tech], the GTX 780 is the next step up from Nvidia's recently released Titan. However, despite being a newer generation card, the 780 doesn't quite sport the same specs. While still running on the base GK110 brand of GPU, the 780 has nearly 200 fewer CUDA cores than the GTX Titan, 8 less ROPs and has a VRAM range between 3GB and 5GB of GDRR5.

This has left some to speculate that the GTX 780 may only carry an MSRP of $759.99 to compensate for the slightly lower specs compared to the most powerful single GPU on the market, that is, until the GTX Titan II (or GT2) launches.

Of course, with the estimate stats standing where they are, this easily puts the GTX 780 out of contention for comparisons with AMD's Radeon HD 7990 “Malta”, which carries the $1,000 price tag and does so in the proud gait of curb-stomping any and every other video card that dare get near.

Basically, the GTX 780 sounds like a high-end answer to the rumored low-end entry card by AMD, the 7730 micro GPU. Nvidia is basically saying “Hey, you don't have to put your mortgage into the Titan to get Titan-like results” and thus, they bore the GTX 780. AMD, on the other hand, is basically saying “Hey, you don't have to buy a PS4 to get PS4 quality graphics. Here's a cheap $50 card to placate those of you want new-school graphics at old-school prices”

The video card competition during this closing segment of the 7th generation of gaming has become heated to degrees that would make an overlocked GeForce 7900 look like a block of ice from the Antarctic by comparison. The last time things were this fierce was when 3DFX was competing with Nvidia's Diamond brand back in the early aughts with their Voodoo brand. CyberGladiators anyone?

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