Back in 2000, Monolith Productions released a humorous, first-person shooter called No One Lives Forever. Though the game was well-reviewed, it's never been re-released through Good Old Games or other digital stores. So, what's the holdup?

The game, a Cold War spy spoof with action and stealth, was originally published by Fox Interactive. Fox Interactive was then purchased by Vivendi Games, which became Activision Blizzard. You'd think that means that Activision has the rights to the game. However, Activision's Dan Amrich says that they're not sure who has the rights.

"The person that I normally talk to about this stuff does not believe that we currently the rights," Amrich said (via Blue). "They've never seen it, they've never been given the permission to put that stuff on Good Old Games."

Amrich points out that Monolith Productions was purchased by Warner Bros. Interactive back in 2004. It's possible that either Monolith or WB has the rights, then. However, Amrich's friend at Monolith says he doesn't know.

Fortunately, boxed copies of NOLF can still be found on Amazon and elsewhere at a normal price. However, the supply will only get smaller and smaller. Maybe someone will figure out who has the rights to the game and re-releases it digitally before it becomes a rare collector's item.

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