Oh man, I just watched the video for Oniken, an 8-bit inspired action-platformer from JoyMasher and I must say that I'm in love. The best way to describe Oniken is like if there was a time machine, JoyMasher set the era to awesome.

The game features six sword-slashing, platform-hopping missions and more than 18 different boss battles. The game is really cool from what I've seen so far and it focuses entirely on all the nostalgic fun that made gaming such a beloved hobby in the first place: ridiculous plots, awesome main characters, dynamic game mechanics, unforgettable music and a dystopian future where dressing like you came out of the 1980s was a badge of honor.

I also get the feeling Cinema Blend contributor Rich Knight might take a liking to this game. I know for sure this is something I'm going to look into a lot more because it captures all the elements of classic NES-style fandom to a pixel.

This game seems to share a strong semblance to Excalibur 20xx and the original Ninja Gaiden. It's also obvious that there is an homage to Contra and Gunforce as well as art-style similarities to animes that helped shape the genre such as Fist of the North Star and GI Joe.

You can actually pre-order the game right now for only $4.99 or you can check out a free demo right now by paying a visit to the Official Desura Page. I'm going to leave a little banner of the game with the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality and the release date. Enjoy.

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