So Spiral Game Studios is fixing their game; they're unleashing new patches for any and all problems you bring to their attention. They're also actively trying to grow and maintain their community by offering free DLC later in June and they want to get things kicked off with a free-to-play weekend.

That's right, you can load up and hop right into Oroin: Dino Horde over the weekend between today, May 31st, and June 2nd, this upcoming Sunday. You'll have free access to the game and you can play-test it for yourself to see if it's the sort of thing that fits your taste in cooperative multiplayer action.

The game is basically a first-person shooter, semi-open world survival title where you and a group of friends defend your main base of operations against wave after wave of dinosaur hordes, just like the name implies. The game offers up skill-based gameplay, vehicles, jetpacks and large maps to explore and goof around in.

As the game continues to receive polish, updates and patches to become better at what it does best, this might be an opportune time to grab a few friends and check the game out this weekend to at least see if it's heading in the direction you'd like. Besides, how many cooperative dinosaur hunting games do we get other than Primal Carnage?

For more info feel free to pay a visit to the game's official website.

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