The browser-based and social games market is at a bit of a stand-still when it comes to choosing a lead platform for next-gen casual games: Will it be HTML5 or Flash Player 11? Right now there seems to be a hefty helping of games coming out for both platforms but it’s hard to see which one will eventually take the lead. For now, Pangalore is focusing on the HTML5 development platform and is launching a gamezone on Facebook enabling casual and browser-based gamers to experience a couple of new social-based online games.

CEO and co-founder Brian Kang, commented in the press release, saying…
“Pangalore was created to deliver compelling social games that gamers could play with their friends anywhere, on any platform with their progress automatically synched between their PC, smartphone, tablet, and any other Internet devices with a browser,” ... “Our Universal Play focus delivers what today’s social gamers want while we keep enhancing the technical excellence possible with HTML5.”

For those of you wondering what the benefit of HTML5 is…it basically boils down to accessibility. No matter what your browser type is or what kind of mobile phone you have, so long as you can access the net you can access Pangalore’s games. The accessibility of HTML5 makes it easy and, well, accessible for anyone to hop right into the game without any compatibility issues.

What’s more is that games you can play from your computer are the exact same games you can access from your mobile phone…there’s no need to re-download different versions or buy additional games for multiple platforms.

Doyon Kim, co-founder of Pangalore, stated that…
“Imagine starting a game on Facebook on your Mac in the morning, picking up your game on your smartphone while commuting to work, logging in from a work PC to play during a break, and then settling down at night on the couch with your iPad to continue with all the experience and items you earned through the day already waiting for you,” … “That’s the seamlessly connected social gaming experience we intend to deliver with our games, starting with our inaugural titles WildWest Solitaire and ArtFit and continuing with larger scale and deeper strategy games next year.”

Pangalore is also planning on releasing some upcoming 3D games running on Unity later in 2012. You can learn more about their games and projects by visiting the Official Website.

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