Might and Delight released a new trailer for their upcoming, gravity-based, light-generating platform game, Pid. The trailer helps introduce gamers into the Hard mode, which is unlocked after successfully completing the game.

Might and Delight basically describe Hard mode as the “real” game, with Normal only working as an introduction to the game world, the mechanics and of course, the absolutely stunning visual art and animations. The game's world is also richly detailed with a lot of story beneath the surface, so I'm sure if you were really digging games like Braid and Limbo you'll fit in right at home with Might and Delight's Pid.

You can check out the differences between Normal and Hard with the trailer below.

Pid is a really neat looking game and if you're digging the soundtrack as much as I am, be sure to check out more of Retro Family's work right here.

Pid is due out first for the PlayStation Network and will also release on PC and Xbox 360. If the game has managed to tickle enough of your fancy bone to warrant a further look, feel free to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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