As the dog days of summer sets in, things are beginning to cool off on the PlayStation Network, with this week's drop only featuring a small handful of games, including PixelJunk Monster: Ultimate HD for the PlayStation Vita and PLAY title, Cloudberry Kingdom.

Honestly, I always feel kind of silly writing a post that states that five new games and a PlayStation 2 Classic releasing in one week is a “slow” week. Until this latest generation, we were lucky to get “a” game on a weekly basis, let alone something you can shell out just $10-15 to enjoy. But we've been spoiled by an embarrassment of riches this generation, and sometimes we forget that just because we may have little interest in a given week's offerings doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of people out there that do.

But enough of Granpappy Winslett's “back in my day” rants. You came here to read about games and, like I said, there are a handful hitting PlayStation Network this week. We kick things off with PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD for the Vita.

Released a number of years back on the PlayStation 3, PixelJunk Monsters is a great tower defense game that sees the player taking on the role of tribe leader. As the chief, your job is to protect the youngsters from invading monsters. They'll slowly march into your village through various routes in various combinations. Your job is to figure out where they're coming from and construct towers along their path that will shoot, burn, freeze and electrocute them into submission. The Vita version comes with all of the levels added through DLC, as well as a shiny new paint job for Sony's portable console.

Next up is Cloudberry Kingdom, the second game in the PlayStation PLAY summer games promotion.

Billed as the “platformer to end all platformers,” Cloudberry Kingdom eases the player into a world of running and jumping that quickly evolves into a nightmare-scape of dangers and obstacles. It looks like a massively challenging game, reminiscent of old school offerings that required a steady hand and razor-sharp reflexes to overcome.

Three additional titles round out this week's offerings, including the twin-stick shooter, Narco Terror, mind-bending puzzler, Puzzle By Nikoli V: Slitherlink, and Move-enabled FMV shooter, The Last Bounty Hunter.

And putting a bow on the whole package this week is the PS2 Classic, P.T.O. IV: Pacific Theatre of Operations, a war game that puts the player in control of Allied naval forces in order to capture territory across Europe.

Look for all of this week's offerings to go live on the PlayStation Network Tuesday afternoon, alongside the usual batch of trailers, DLC, demos and more.

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