A third-person, horror-survival game from Riccardo Deias has been announced as an entry on Steam's Greenlight service. The game puts players in a semi open-world environment where players will have to search through forests, houses and abandoned stations while something or some things lurk in the dark.

Project Night hasn't just joined Steam's Greenlight in an attempt to make it on to the Steam store page, Deias is also hoping to get some crowdfunding secured so that he can expand the single-player content and branch out and get the game released on additional platforms, including Linux and iOS.

There wasn't a whole lot said about the game, but perhaps that's part of the mystery and intrigue for wanting to play it? The only information given is that players assume the role of a mystery person out in the middle of nowhere; you have no idea who you are and you have no idea where you are. The objective is to scavenge through the environment for clues and avoid whatever is out there that doesn't have the best intentions in mind.

You can pledge funds to help Project Night along in its development over on the IndieGoGo Page or you can give the game an upvote and a favorite on the Steam Greenlight page. If you like games like Amnesia, Slender or Montas, you might like Project Night.

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