While PlayStation Vita owners wait for more retail games to start popping up on store shelves, several PSN titles are making the jump to Sony’s new handheld, including the recent strategy RPG from eastasiasoft and developer SideQuest, Rainbow Moon.

Rainbow Moon hit PSN back in July, offering a classic style RPG with a strategy battle system, loads of enemies and quests to plow through, and some pretty wonderful graphical flare. The game features a massive world, six main characters, loads of weapons and gear, 20 dungeons to explore and a playtime clocking in at around 40 hours. In short: It’s a pretty meaty experience for a $15 downloadable title.

Roll the clip!

Today, publisher eastasiasoft has announced that Rainbow Moon will be heading to the Vita sometime in 2013.

“We’ve been asked this question many times, so I’m very happy to finally announce that we will bring Rainbow Moon to the PS Vita,” said SideQuest CEO Marcus Pukropski. “All the feedback that we have received for Rainbow Moon during the last few months has been tremendous, and I hope that today’s announcement will make a lot of PS Vita owners and Rainbow Moon fans happy.”

No word yet on whether Rainbow Moon will require a second purchase or if already owning the PSN version will grant access to the PSV version at no additional cost. Either way, more RPGs on the Vita should be seen as a very good thing, indeed.

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