Two new dev diaries have surfaced for the upcoming post-apocalyptic, cooperative, FPS, vehicle-based shooting game, Ravaged. The videos are full of adrenaline pumping action especially the preview trailer for the sleek and deadly gyro-copter.

You may briefly remember the game Ravaged from 2 Dawn Games that we reported on back in January...or you probably don't remember it all. Anyways, this is the game that everyone thought Rage was going to be. The graphics in Ravaged are straight-up amazing and you can easily see how high the graphics fidelity is in the following trailers. What's more is that this game has the kind of vehicular combat we all wanted from Rage and Borderlands but didn't quite get. This isn't some hand-holding, casual-esque vehicular combat...this is Battlefield style skirmishes with a hint of arcade-style explosions and fast-paced action. Check it out below.

I'm definitely stoked for this game. This is the sort of post-apocalyptic first-person shooter I've been wanting to play since this generation of gaming started. Unfortunately we've had a lot of copy-cat titles that haven't quite captured that visceral Mad Max-feel that Ravaged does...well, as far as aesthetics, vehicle physics and team-based combat goes. We've still yet to see how the on-foot shooting works, but I've got my fingers crossed hoping that it's as polished as the vehicle mechanics.

You can keep up to date on Ravaged, which is scheduled to release on PC, by paying a visit to the Official 2 Dawn Website. We'll definitely keep you posted on additional news and updates regarding the game as soon as they become available.

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