A new episode in the weekly video series of Red Bull's “This is eSports” has been released, detailing a look at the players of StarCraft 2, specifically the eSports competitors who participated in Red Bull's training ground that took place over the course of the summer.

The latest video features host Dave “Walshy” Walsh, former big shot in the eSports arena when Halo was all the rave and first-person shooters were the top of the crop of the competitive electronic sports market. Walsh talks with a couple of the top ranked players from the StarCraft 2 sector, including ace Korean player Golden and fan-favorite Grubby.

Walsh even manages to sneak in a few words with Grubby's wife – the guy apparently tripped over a lucky branch and managed to nab a beautiful, the world's greatest job and turned out to not look like a basement dweller. What the heck happened in the human factory that this guy got so lucky? Dang.

Anyway, despite Grubby looking like a fan-favorite the guy just couldn't pull it through and Golden ended up walking out the winner of the Red Bull training ground bout. It was all live-streamed and available for viewing during the end of July. You can still check it out to see how the bouts unfold if you're into that sort of thing.

I have to be honest, though, I've watched a few StarCraft 2 matches but I honestly can't tell what's going on or what it is I'm supposed to be following. I know I've always sucked at RTS games but StarCraft 2 is like the pinnacle of unit-based micromanagement. I see a lot of stuff moving around on screen, I see some explosions, I hear the commentators get excited, I see a bunch of indistinguishable units move this way and that way on screen and then it's game over. Usually I'm looking at the match going “WTF did I just watch?”

MOBA games in the eSports arena are a lot more clear and easier to follow. You see the heroes doing their thing, you see the scrubs they have to wipe out, you see the objectives they have to accomplish and when the PvP gets underway you can at least follow what's going on. Then again, for the people who are really into StarCraft 2 I guess they might see it as sacrilege to throw textual feces all over their beloved game. Sorry I just don't get... well, no, I'm not really sorry at all.

Anyway, Red Bull isn't finished with their spotlight on eSports and the players that make it as popular as it is. I'm assuming the series will lead up to the Battle Grounds event where some of the world's best eSports competitors will converge on the granddaddy event and play for prestige, for glory and most importantly, for enough money to pay the bills and keep doing what they love to do without having to work a real job in between tournaments.

You can learn more about Red Bull and their all-in support of the emerging eSports culture by paying a visit to their official website.

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