A new video has been released of Red Bull's weekly video that follows former Halo champion David “Walshy” Walsh as he interviews some of the people behind the production of Red Bull's series as well as a look at some of the idiosyncrasies of the players to get their head in the game.

The video is only five minutes long but it gives viewers just enough of a taste of eSports to at least have an idea of what the scene is all about. While none of the actual players are interviewed by Walsh, he does talk with the commentary team to discuss things like the mental headspace required to be the very best that they can be, as well as some of the their players' rituals for creating a sort of feng shui within the competitive booth to elevate their concentration above and beyond to beat their opponents.

I don't know how well those guys would have been able to concentrate in that sort of environment, but I know being locked in that booth with that kind of office setup I would have been kind of freaked out and a little disconcerted trying to focus on the match while people are constantly walking by and a bunch of cameras are around. Then again, I suck royally at RTS games so it wouldn't have mattered much anyway.

The series covering Red Bull's foray into eSports with the event showcased in the video actually comes from their Battleground tournament they hosted, which took place back at the end of July. The tournament was a precursor for the much bigger and more challenging eSports event set to take place on the grand stage in front of thousands of other people, where the pressure will probably be immense and the money on the line will be enough to put the winner in the “Baller” status category of life.

If you're a newb and you know nothing of eSports, I don't know how well the video works at actually introducing gamers into the world of eSports if they previously just didn't care before, but for those of you who have an inkling of interest in the electronic sports arena, this at least provides a slight taste of what the competitive community is like for those who might consider it as an ambition in life, whether it's to be pursued as a hobby or as a profession.

You can check out the previous episode in the Red Bull video series below. They plan on rolling these out to continue to drum up interest in eSports and help some of the more popular players become household names in the core communities.

You can learn more by paying a visit to the official Redbull eSports website.

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