Tripwire Interactive is opening up the beta for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad today. The multiplayer testing is available for everyone who pre-purchases the Deluxe edition of the game.

"The first phase of the pre-purchase beta will include 3 levels from the game running the 3 gametypes - Firefight, Countdown, and Territory," says Tripwire. "From the open destroyed cityscape of Fallen Fighters, to the close quarters combat of Apartments, and the wide open tank battles of Gumrak - the beta gives players a sample of the diverse action Red Orchestra 2 has to offer."

"Apart from the opportunity for people to play the game early, this is our volume and final balance testing, so we are looking for feedback. Head for the Tripwire forums to give us that feedback."

The Digital Deluxe Edition, which costs $49.99, gives you these extras:
  • Day 1 Unlock of the Elite Assault Weapons (MKb 42(H) and AVT-40)
  • Day 1 Unlock of the Semi Auto Sniper Weapons (SVT-40 and G 41(W))
  • 2 playable characters for Killing Floor - WW2 Russian and German Soldier re-enactors unlocked in KF the moment you purchase
  • Team Fortress 2 items - RO2 German helmet and Russian "Pilotka" hat ("vintage" if bought during pre-purchase)
The standard and deluxe editions of RO2 can be pre-purchased through Steam. They're offering a 10% discount on each edition. If you already own Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, they'll bump it up to a 20% discount. Ostfront 41-45 owners will also unlock Kar98 and Mosin rifle bayonets on Day 1 and get an exclusive Russian Guards Badge/German Close Combat Badge.

Red Orchestra 2 will be available on September 13th worldwide.

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