Newzoo released a new report breaking down some of the stats and figures for the online game's market, particularly how the figures measure up for one of gaming's biggest surprise platforms, Facebook.

According to the Newzoo report, Facebook accounts for more than 60% of all casual gamers especially in North America, which has more than 126 million casual gamers to spare. More than 41% of these gamers spend time on Facebook games and 28% or more than 22 million gamers actually spend money on these games consistently.

Facebook may be the dominate predator when it comes to eating up the time of casual gamers, however Zuckerberg's mammoth social network has to compete with other casual portals such as Yahoo,, Pogo, AGame, Miniclip and AddictingGames each vying to tap into the more than 126 million gamers.

Newzoo’s CEO Peter Warman comments on the recent discussions on social network gaming commented saying...
“Despite claims that games on social networks show limited growth potential, Facebook and local social networks in European, Asian and Emerging markets remain essential to any game company’s strategy. Simply because the majority of people spends a large amount of his or her online time here. Even more so in Emerging and Asian markets, where social networks often are the primary entry to the web for consumers ."

"I was therefore not surprised to see that social games monetize relatively well in these younger markets compared to the West, at least in terms of share of people spending money. In a couple of weeks we will have insight into game behavior and spending in Poland and Turkey and I expect to see the same there. ”

What's interesting is that despite the popularity of casual gaming in North America and Asia -- which also makes up for a large part of both casual and hardcore gaming market consumption -- Europeans seem far less interested in spending money on games that basically require you to aimlessly click around the screen and invite friends to do the same. According to the Newzoo report, Europeans are keen on playing casual games but don't like spending money on them. Interesting.

Newzoo also avers that the Asian markets and Emerging markets are seeing more popularity with social gaming given that most of these countries are introduced to internet gaming via social networks.

You can check out the entire report over at the Official NewZoo Website.

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