A new trailer montage was released for Resident Evil 6 featuring a lot of scenes we've already seen a dozen times before but the montage also includes a few clips from the game that Capcom rarely showcases, including a few hallway exploration scenes and some slight build-up of suspense.

Resident Evil 6 has had a love-hate relationship with the gaming community at large. It's a highly anticipated title that's been marred mostly with the bad business practices of Capcom, including the disc-locked content debacle, the Yoshinori Ono fiasco and the pre-order bonus map packs that some gamers feel will divide the multiplayer community. This is not to mention that Capcom also found themselves in a bit of hot water over the more action-heavy route they wanted to take for the game to broaden its appeal.

Still, Resident Evil 6 looks like a lot of fun, and so long as the politics of corporate greed-mongering doesn't get in the way of the game being fun, then I think it may turn out all right.

The trailer looked pretty good, which came about courtesy of MS Xbox World. It's still hard for me to pinpoint what may or may not work for the game but for the most part the shooting looks good, the graphics look good, the environments look good and the atmosphere looks good. The real question is whether the scripting and pace will be able to capture the hearts of the Call of Duty audience while still providing a satisfying action-horror experience for long-time fans of the series? With the October 10th release fast approaching I guess we'll find out soon enough.

You can pre-order the game right now or learn more about Resident Evil 6 by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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