I can't wait for Retro City Rampage. The game is so awesome looking. It looks like a real trip back to the old-school 8-bit era of badass awesomeness. The official launch trailer for the game features throwbacks to new and old games, including Back to the Future, Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip and Donkey to name a few, not to mention the obvious Grand Theft Auto open world.

Players won't have to wait long as the game will launch tomorrow forPC, PS3 and PSV. The game sports a ton of different game modes, including Road Rash style racing sequences, a bad 3D homage to Nintendo's failed Virtual Boy, and plenty of Legend of Zelda style hack and slash action. Check it out below.

I'm really hoping that this game sells big because Vblank so deserves to keep making bigger and better games. I'd love to see what a 16-bit inspired Retro City Rampage would look like, paying homage to stuff like Robocop Vs Terminator, Sonic, Super Mario World, Bubsy those cool Disney titles and the advent of JRPGs.

Anyway, look for Retro City Rampage to launch on digital distributors for multiple gaming platforms tomorrow. The game will launch at a later date for Xbox Live and WiiWare. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.

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