In today's networked infrastructure of employment and work methods it means that things can get done easily and efficiently without everyone having to be located out of a single office like in the old days. Interceptor Entertainment gives the gaming community at large a look at how their virtual team operates in the newest developer diary.

Rise of the Triad is a new-school remake of the classic, gory FPS from the golden era of gaming. Unlike a ton of other remakes this generation, Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee Software aren't completely overhauling RotT as a Call of Duty clone. Instead, they're taking the old-school concept and adding new-school physics, graphics and playability.

As for the whole virtual team thing...check it out in the developer diary below.

I think it's really cool (and probably cost efficient) to work they way they do. I'm not sure why more studios don't utilize this method of game development but at least Interceptor is doing it right.

I'm kind of looking forward to Rise of the looks like a genuinely fun game that aims to capture a lot of nostalgia for today's tech. You can learn more about the game or keep up to date on the progress of development by visiting the official website.

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