There aren't many games out there that really celebrate the PC as a lead platform. Yes, there is Natural Selection, Primal Carnage and indie games here and there, but how often do you see games like Hard Reset and The Witcher really ham-fisting it home that they were made to celebrate PC gaming? Well, Interceptor Entertainment is doing just that with Rise of the Triad.

DSO Gaming spotted the hilarious loading screen for the upcoming first-person shooter that pays homage to the Golden Era of gaming, driving the point home that Interceptor Entertainment is not fond of consolitis and dumbing down the game for the PC audience. Check it out below.

I get a feeling that the next generation of gaming will see a true re-emergence of PC game development being the lead platform for some multiplatform games...or perhaps, I'm just hoping that we'll see PC take the lead this gen given how close the architecture is between gaming rigs and the x86 powered Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

So far, everything Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee have shown off for Rise of the Triad has indicated that it's going to be a rocket buster, a one of a kind old-school shooter running on new-school technology.

What's more is that the new game will embrace mods and come complete with mod tools so you can make your own levels, weapons and skins, and share them with integrated Steamworks feature. I can dig it.

Rise of the Triad is set for release this summer for PC, with a possible console port to follow at an undisclosed time.

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