Road Rash, we all remember that excellent gem from the then once famed and critically praised Electronic Arts? It was a series that stood all on its own as a rebel against the establishment (in more than one way) and it soon fell by the wayside during the PSX and mostly the PS2 era. Well, DarkSeas Games is desperately hoping to revitalize the mostly forgotten and completely abandoned motorcycle racing genre and they're doing it with Road Redemption, a game that aims to harness the fast speeds and dynamic interactions that once made Road Rash famous.

The closest thing we've had to Road Rash since Jailbreak was the terminally underrated racing title, Speed Kings. Since then the only time motorcycles have been “cool” or financially trendy to publishers is in the side-scrolling physics-based space, with titles like Trials Evolution and Urban Trial for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Well, DarkSeas wants to revitalize the hunger us old-school gamers have had swelling deep inside the belly of anticipation for something rich, violent, fast and cool like the first three Road Rash games and Road Rash 64...and more or less, the first PSX and PC Road Rash title.

However, in order to bring forth their vision of redemption for rashing on the road, they need crowd-funding support like never before. It means gamers will have to foot the bill if they ever want to see anything more than rehashed Need for Speed games and fun, but uneventful sequels to Mario Kart.

If you really want to see a new-school version of Road Rash, and we all know we won't be getting it from the two-year running Worst Company In America, we'll just have to support ingenuity, creativity and fun where it originally resides, and that's not in the checkbooks of executive board members who don't give two rat pellets about video games.

The game, if funded, will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Want to learn more about Road Redemption? Feel free to visit the official Kickstarter page. You can also help support this game over on Steam's Greenlight.

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